More Patient Testiminials

You are a credit to your profession and a fine example of a physician. Without your skill as a surgeon, I might have been scarred for life. Because of you, I’m not. You did an astounding job repairing my face. I look exactly the same, possibly better. One could never tell there was an injury. You are the most professional, compassionate doctor I’ve ever encountered. You are an inspiration and example to all. – R.M.

Thank you so much for the great new face. What a difference! 100% better! A work of art! – S.L.

I still marvel at the surgery you performed. You have been instrumental in making such a difference in my life. My surgery was the ultimate success in every way. In fact, my primary care physician said, “These are the best results I have seen!” Thank you for contributing to a healthier and happier me! – K.A.S

Your work is wonderful. I am so happy with the results. The proportions are perfect. I look so much better now. Many, many thanks to you, Dr. Huang. I am fortunate to have you as my surgeon.

I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me. I can’t believe it. I literally feel like a new woman. Thank you for your attention to detail as well as your kind heart. – R.H.

Thank you for the marvelous job you did on my facial surgery. I have received compliments on my appearance. People have asked for your name and how to get in touch with you. – S.M.

Just wanted to thank you for all the care you gave me. Can’t wait for summer so I can show off my new look. – L.P.

Thank you for helping me look and feel unprecedently better. I am extremely grateful to have had you for my surgeon. You did such a beautiful job with your fine skills. Did I luck out or what?! - K.S.

Thank you for the surgery you have done on me. You have made a big difference in my life, and I appreciate you very much. – K.M.S

A lovely, excellent surgeon – how good can it get. Thank you so much for taking care of me. I sincerely appreciate your care. – W.C.

I would like to thank you for the beautiful job you did. I love the method you used. I saw my friend who had the same procedure with another surgeon. Mine is much better. Now I can wear a swim suit. I am very, very pleased. - V.D.

I am feeling better every day and looking great. If I ever become ill I hope I’m blessed to have such a warm devoted person to assist me into a speedy recovery. I know you will be the very best at anything you do. – M.H..

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did. Your talent is awesome. I can’t believe how wonderful your work is. I am extremely lucky to have had you. – S.F.

You did a great job and made my life much better than it might have been!
I feel so much better for knowing you. I will never forget you. – S.M.